Tuesday, October 8, 2019


As the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping so to is another season, and yes another year coming to a close. For me 2019 has been busy, mostly positive and also, a bit tumultuous. My studio has been at full capacity and my desire to share the life changing, positive effects of Pilates hasn't waned as I meet new and long term clients in classes and private sessions. I have been busy and working hard. So when the news came that I could no longer stay in my current location, a lovely, bright nurturing space for all who have shared it with me, I was saddened and surprised.

Change, the only constant in life, needs to be met I have found with resilience and flow. It presents challenges and uncertainties, but it also offers a window of opportunity; to learn something new, experience something different or simply to create space for potential growth and exploration.

And so, after many months of searching both physical locations and my heart, I have made the decision, that for now, I will utilize others' studio spaces available to me for sharing, rather than commit to my own. I will give up some control but gain flexibility and still have ample opportunity to teach and share the benefits of Pilates and mindful movement to many.

With the Osprey Ave studio and schedule wrapping up Nov. 22, new offerings and locations will be announced soon. I look forward to the journey in 2020 and invite you to join me as we stay open to change, moving, stretching and breathing ever greater possibilities for health and fitness into our lives.

Janine :-)