About Pilates Function

About Pilates Function with Janine The main themes of Pilates Function, a contemporary approach to the original work of Joseph Pilates, are Spinal Alignment, Core Stabilization and Joint Mobility. These essential pillars of posture, functional strength, and balance will drive everything the body can or can not do, and determine with how much ease, grace and efficiency it can do it in.

And even better news is that it is never too late to start Pilates! Programs can be tailored for beginners to athletes, and from teenagers, to seniors. For everyone who begins a Pilates Function program, the many health and fitness benefits are there for the taking, without impact, joint stress or body strain.

Whether you wish to decrease your back pain, improve your golf game, or recover from an injury, Pilates Function with Janine can help get you there!

Pilates Function exercises address spinal misalignment
and joint and muscle imbalances.