Programs Types & Prices

NEW!! PILATES 101 - 12 WEEK VIRTUAL PROGRAM - start anytime this introduction program to the foundations of Pilates, Functional Movement, Breathwork, Full Body Flexibility and Core Strength. This is a comprehensive, fully guided program with both live sessions and recorded content for your study and practice. All your questions answered and specific attention and guidance paid to you and your needs/goals. Contact for more information and to discuss if this program is the right fit for you.

Enjoy a professional and comfortable atmosphere as you experience your own personalized and guided Pilates training program. Feel confident that you are performing movements safely and effectively with hands-on corrections and close attention paid to your individual needs and limitations. Under the careful guidance of a certified Pilates Teacher feel your strength, mobility and confidence grow! A Private Pilates package includes an initial postural and movement assessment to identify areas of tightness, weakness and imbalance. Then an exercise plan is designed with your specific needs and goals in mind using all the apparatus of the studio.  You will learn how to access and strengthen deep core and postural muscles of the spine, breathe more fully and move joints through stable and full ranges of motion to enhance flexibility, function and performance. Personalized and progressive this program is all about YOU!

Private Lesson - $80.00 + gst
10 Session Package - $780.00 + gst

Semi-Private Training  - Wait list

Sometimes it is better to share! Pilates programs for two is a fun and effective way to build your Pilates Body with a friend. With hands-on corrections and support, these duet sessions will guide you into a stronger core, improved posture, better balance, flexibility and function. A more economical way to enjoy "almost" personalized training. Best suited for those with similar fitness levels.

Per Session - $45.00 pp + gst

PILATES for GOLF PERFORMANCE  - Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Training  

This 12 Week Comprehensive Virtual Training Package will combine weekly drills, training sessions, and recordings to take your game to the next level.

The TPI Golf Fitness Program identifies key physical areas a golfer can improve to advance their game. These tests identify physical areas that are weak, tight or lacking, but essential for producing efficient and consistent swing patterns, with maximal power output and minimal stress. Pilates-based and golf-specific exercises will be utilized to address these areas, with attention paid to core strength, rotational patterns, the flexibility of the hips, shoulders, spine, neck and trunk. The result of this 12-week program will be a huge win for your body and a game changer to your golf performance!

Contact to set up your start date!