PERSONAL TRAINING (in-studio and virtual)

12 Week Virtual Pilates Coaching Program
If you are experiencing back pain and losing interest in your sports and activities because of it, it's time you took your power back. Are you are spending time, energy and countless dollars seeing specialists that aren't helping and chiropractors who just want "to put your spine back", and then see you again next week or next month? Is this method working? Do you have long term change and lasting results that allow you to feel confident and to live your life fully?

If you want to take control and transform your life, moving out of the pain cycle and into a functional, healthy body this program is for you. If you are want to live a more fulfilling, active lifestyle, improve your wellness and sports performance, then this program is for you! In 3 months you can learn to be in the driver's seat of your back care and to transform your life from pain to possibility to performance! 

If you want your youthful bounce back, Pilates for Active Living 12 Week Program, has your back! 

Here's what a 12 week Pilates program will do for you:

- teach and guide you WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHAT NOT to do, to exercise safely and feel better fast

- strengthen the deep core muscles of the abdominals, hips and spine so you can move and play with confidence and endurance

- improve posture and increase self-awareness to better protect your back, knees, neck and hips

- improve overall flexibility without forceful stretching

- improve breathing function and reduce stress

- increase confidence and mental focus

- release pain, strain and tension in the body

- motivate you to succeed and show you what is possible

- keep you accountable and serve you specifically and personally

- set you up for success for all you want or need to do, from lifting your grandchildren to lifting weights in the gym, from walking without pain to running a marathon, improving your golf game and planning that big hiking expedition! 

Do you experience Back Pain? Would you like to get out of pain and live your life more fully?

This virtual, one-on-one, home program, is fully guided and supported by me, requires minimal equipment (a mat and a few small inexpensive props), and will change the way you feel, move and perform in just 3 months! 

In order for me to truly coach and support everyone successfully and efficiently, monthly spaces are limited. I'ld love to hear from you, learn about your specific pain challenges and fitness/activity goals and answer any questions you might have. Please contact me via email (free consultation) to set up a free15-minute phone consultation to explore if this program is the right fit for you. free consultation 

Personal Training (currently a waitlist for in-studio sessions)
Enjoy a professional and comfortable atmosphere as you experience your own personalized and guided Pilates training program. Feel confident that you are performing movements safely and effectively with clear corrections and close attention paid to your individual needs and limitations. Under my careful guidance feel your strength, mobility and confidence grow! A Private Pilates package includes an initial postural and movement assessment to identify areas of tightness, weakness and imbalance. Then an exercise plan is designed with your specific needs and goals in mind.  You will learn how to access and strengthen the deep core and postural muscles of the spine, breathe more fully and move joints through stable and full ranges of motion to enhance flexibility, function and performance. 10 session minimum.

Semi-Private Training (currently a waitlist for in-studio sessions)
Sometimes it is better to share! Pilates programs for two is a fun and effective way to build your Pilates Body with a friend. With hands-on corrections and support, these duet sessions will guide you into a stronger core, improved posture, better balance, flexibility and function. A more economical way to enjoy "almost" personalized training. Best suited for those with similar fitness levels.