The difference between Classical Pilates, which stays very true to the original Pilates Method created by Joseph Pilates, and Contemporary Pilates, like the STOTT method I received my Teaching Certification through, is the way Contemporary Pilates encourages exercises to be broken down and adapted for specific body types and postural needs. The exercise should be made to fit the person, not the person made to fit the exercise. Results come from a safe “Less is More” approach, focusing on true (no compensation), pain free movement.

I call my style of adapted Pilates, Functional Pilates. Most of my clients are over the age of 55; Baby Boomers looking to take control of their health and fitness, while they are also going through specific time of life changes. Everything from dealing with retirement, hormone changes, health and family concerns plus a history of injuries or surgeries all effect how and what they can do for exercise. Whether it’s recovering from a hip replacement, caring for an elderly parent, wanting to take up golf or go trekking half way around the globe, Baby Boomers can gain amazing strength benefits from a Functional Pilates program. 

As a result of my clients’ needs I am currently working on a manual of exercises that can be practiced at home with simple props and great results.

Here are some attractive reasons Baby Boomers will love Functional Pilates:

Supple Strength - Functional Pilates for Baby Boomers can slow the signs of aging by making joints and muscles more pliable, decreasing pain and making every day movements easier. 

No Pain, All Gain - Functional Pilates is a gentle, full body exercise system, which strengthens the core and lengthens the spine, nurtures smooth joint function and creates a balanced, stable, capable body.

Calm & Centered - Functional Pilates utilizes focused deep breathing which helps calm the mind, reduce anxiety and decrease the stress response. Cells of the body are renewed with a fresh supply of oxygen and blood flow.

Confidence & Joy - Functional Pilates for Baby Boomers helps people maintain an active lifestyle and reach their full potential so they can enjoy their passions and interests in sport, travel, hobbies and independent living.

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