Happy New Year and Welcome Winter 2016!!

What an exciting and beautiful time of year. Here in Vancouver we get to enjoy the splendor of the snow covered North Shore Mountains shining down on a sparkling city, green parks and clear blue water. Just stunning! This view begs us to get outside and play like children; with rosy cheeks and wool mittens, fully appreciating nature with a sense of awe, freedom and happiness, moving and breathing in the fresh, crisp, rejuvenating winter air.

It’s time to shed the boredom of last November and the fat and sugar fueled indulgences of Christmas with the promise of a New Year and a new exciting season. Only Winter can offer us the invigoration and excitement of our favorite activities requiring ice and snow. Downhill skiing, snow-shoeing, snowboarding, ski-touring, winter running, outdoor skating & hockey, cross country skiing daytime or at night under the lights and stars! Whichever way you choose to enjoy it Winter will reward you and your body with plenty of lung power, leg burn, clear headed focus, personal achievement and a lot of joy!

Need a Pilates Core Tune Up to get you ready for the slopes? My top 3 exercises include: #1) Plank to One Arm Plank (hold plank 30 seconds then place one hand to opposite shoulder or reach straight forward, change sides on exhale, repeat 10-20 x - to modify try this with knees down), #2) Single Leg Bridge with Bicycle (on an inhale lift pelvis up and extend or bicycle left leg up toward ceiling, then exhale to lower left leg away and pelvis towards floor but not all the way down, then bicycle your leg back into your chest and extend to ceiling as you lift pelvis up again. Perform 10-15 reps then switch legs. #3 Single Leg Stretch with Oblique Criss-Cross (hands behind head, head and shoulders lifted from floor, knees bent, feet off floor, lower abs drawn in and flat, exhale to extend right leg away AND twist torso toward left knee, repeat on every exhale 16-20 reps.)

Now Go Play Outside!