Change - the one constant in life

View of Okanagan Lake
View of Okanagan Lake overlooking the vineyard at Arrowleaf Winery
Welcome 2017! From coastal city to Okanagan Valley, Pilates Function has moved to BC's very own wine belt, the beautiful 4 seasons playground of Kelowna BC!

The last few months of 2016 brought its fair share of change and challenge to me. A BIG birthday was celebrated afar on the top of an incredible mountain, followed by a big move to a new but familiar town, close to family but where new clients and friends and contacts will need to be made. I have said farewell to some very dear people and I am starting over - again. Although this won't be an easy process I am confident that what I can offer of myself as an experienced and caring teacher of Pilates to a new environment and to new faces will ultimately bring great joy and new gifts to my life.

And speaking of change - the body needs it! In order to adapt and stay strong, to grow new cells and to heal, the body needs movement - all kinds of movement to re-balance and re-activate underused joints and muscles. Pilates is an ingenious exercise program because it moves all the bodies joints through full ranges of motion to support joint health, circulation, mobility and balance of muscles. Pilates also challenges and changes our awareness of ourselves and our movement habits. By thinking about what we are doing and how we are doing it Pilates exercises can replace poor habits with new mindful patterns that encourage stability, strength and ease. This brain body connection is key to the success of the work as these new neural pathways become the roads for sending information to underused muscles. It is said we become what we think about. When we pay attention to our posture, movement patterns and core support we can change our body and improve our health and happiness.

I hope you will join me this year to invite change to your body through Pilates. Increase your movement diet with new exercises, try the amazing Pilates equipment (reformer) to support and challenge your muscles with spring resistance and smooth, fluid movement patterns. Change your breathing, change your posture, change your walk. These things will lead to better vigour and health so you can enjoy all the gifts and opportunities of this coming year and beyond. Change can be a very good thing when it introduces the balance we are craving and brings attention back to the needs of our body, mind and spirit.

In health and wellness,

Janine celebrating at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,341', Sept. 10, 2016