Ah Christmas time....I love this time of year. The decorations, twinkling lights, Christmas movies and music...plus the ski season is starting! Let it snow! I love it all. But the calories will kill you! The holiday baking, parties, dinners and treats add up, and up and up. Do you have a plan to help you stay healthy and active over the Holiday Season this year? Unless you have a no-brainer way to stay true to your sanity and your health over the Juletide, it is easy to fall prey to the indulgences. The good news is it only takes a few good daily habits to make a positive impact.

Here are a 7 Tips to help you stay on course and enjoy a great Christmas Time:

1) Walk 30 Minutes a day - morning, noon or night commit to a quick stroll outside for a healthy serving of fresh air, mood boosting endorphins and calorie burning aerobic activity. Take your four legged friend, meet up with a buddy, or just take yourself out for some leg stretching and deep breathing.

2) Practice being mindful. Slow down and truly enjoy your daily moments. Appreciate your beautiful surroundings and give thanks to all the people in your life who support and love you. Greet new people with openness and spread "Christmas" spirit. You will feel nourished and calm in your heart and soul.

3) Drink Extra Water - to flush toxins, maintain hydration, help keep you feeling full and prevent you from drinking extra calories through alcohol and eggnog. For every cup of coffee have a glass of water, or with every glass of wine follow with a glass of water, hot chocolate with a big glass of water. Instead of a snack between meals, drink a glass of water. Your skin and waistline will thank you!

4) Stretch - Ahhh, that feels good! Do it standing up or lying down, once a day for 10 minutes or throughout your day in sweet little interludes of shoulder rolling or foot on the bench hamstring stretching or side bending..... Keep your tissue supple, your fascia pliable and your joints happy.

5) Limit your "treats" and know your limits. It's no use trying to have willpower of steel at this time of year. Who is ever successful?? Better to allow yourself to enjoy a few delicious bites of  something you really want and then be sure to get enough vegetables and fiber and quality protein, water and movement to balance you out. Think full day scorecard versus one meal/event. A win-win is possible.

6) Remember you Spine! Want to look great in that Christmas party dress or family photo? Posture Perfect with your shoulders back, tall spine, head balanced, abdominals in and body poised.  Good posture looks amazing on every body! Lengthen up, engage your core and you will look and feel 5 lbs lighter.

7) Reserve your 2019 Pilates Program!! The best way to get on a schedule of fitness and movement is to have it already in your calendar. See the Jan/February Schedule at Pilates Function and reserve your spot now for your post holiday core strengthening, spine lengthening, joint moving, calorie burning, full body intensity exercise program. Space is limited so register early. Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,