Last weekend I golfed my first 9 holes of the season. My husband really wanted to play, and although I was feeling kinda sick and wearing 2 jackets and a toque I agreed to get out and swing the clubs. Much to my surprise and delight my shots where straight, my drives went long and my short game was better than usual. Plus I had no pain in my back. What is happening??????

After analyzing my play I recognized that I was hitting the ball from a place of good hip and core stability, with a slow back swing and smooth rotation. This gave me the foundation to then transfer power and bring the club face through to impact the ball squarely. A required element of the game if you don't want to be looking for your ball in the rough and the trees all the time! Plus I was visualizing where I wanted to see my shot go. I saw the loft of the ball and the distance and goal I was aiming for in my minds eye before I swung the club. I saw my shot succeed before I made it, and mostly it went where I had mentally practiced!

This was a great first game of the season (early April!) and I am feeling hopeful that my play will continue to improve over the course of the summer. Maybe I'll even learn to love this game. And of course I KNOW that the elements to a great golf game ARE the essence of what PILATES offers its practitioner, -  core strength, balance, shoulder function, hip function, coordination, control, mindful intention.

PILATES makes all your movement patterns easier with flexible strength and good body awareness. It will take your sports performances to a whole other level. And for a such a dynamic and difficult movement like swinging a golf club with accuracy and ease, I'll take all the help I can get. FORE!!