Ah yes, that most cherished time of year, summertime! We are in full swing summer mode here in Kelowna, and I hope you are finding many new and joyful ways to move your body and enjoy the season. From golf to stand up paddle boarding, cycling, kayaking, tennis and everything in between, your body loves, loves, loves to move and groove in the summertime! Get out there and stretch in the park, breathe deeply, dance in your back yard and embrace the outdoor season.
The current Summer Pilates programs at Pilates Function are in session and Full. Thank you to all my enthusiastic students! Fall programs starting in September will be posted mid Aug. with PF students having first dibs to hold their spaces. There will also be some changes coming up as we head toward the New Year, but more about that later. So for now ......
Wishing everyone a safe, fun and playful summertime!