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Gentle Pilates - 4 Weeks to Feeling Awesome

This Gentle Pilates series expertly guides you through 4 full-body 60 minute classes, practiced both in standing and on the mat, to revive and awaken the joy of breath and gentle movement. Each class will bring awareness to a new part of your body, lengthening what is tight, and strengthening what needs attention (your deep abdominals, back muscles, hips and spine). You will feel aligned, stronger and balanced right from the first day. Work you way through the classes and then watch and practice them in any order. They support and build on each other, but also stand alone to explore 4 individual themes. 

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Golf Fitness - 5 Day "TPI Quick Start"

This program offers the amateur golfer 5 movement lessons that teach TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) skills and drills to help produce a stable, powerful, smooth and pain free golf swing. 
Easy to follow, 30 minute lessons you can practice from home to set your body up for better golf!

Day 1 - Neutral Spine Angle (core & back support)
Day 2 - Improving Shoulder Function (strength and mobility)
Day 3 - Spinal Rotation and Swing Speed (upper body separation)
Day 4 - Hip Rotation and Power (lower body separation)
Day 5 - Integrated Warm Up

Purchase below and receive automatic access to this Quick Start program to improve your Golf quick! $79 CAD