About Janine

About Janine Janine has always had a love of sport & movement, an eye for detail, and a passion for helping people live healthier lives. After completing a degree in Physical Education from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver she worked and lived in Whistler teaching skiing, group exercise, personal training and managing fitness facilities before becoming interested in the specialization of Pilates. Recognizing that many of her clients suffered from back pain, muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction, Janine saw Pilates as offering a safe and effective model for supporting people to improve their physical limitations, reduce pain, and get excited about their bodies again.

Janine Trudeau, BPE
STOTT Pilates Teacher & Instructor Trainer
Titleist Golf Performance Instructor
Certified  Yoga Teacher

Janine participated in her first Pilates Certification program with Polestar Pilates in New York in 1999. Impressed by the power of Pilates and wanting more she then moved to Toronto to study and teach, completing a 1000 hr STOTT Pilates full certification program and also passing exams to become a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer. Janine then lived in Norway between 2003-2010 offering classes and instructor training courses in Scandinavia, England, Spain, and Slovenia. Janine has worked with Olympic and National athletes (Canadian woman's sailing and Norwegian junior golf team) as well as dancers, opera singers, actors, new moms, hockey players and people of all ages and fitness levels in between.

Janine is always learning and growing. To specialize her Pilates programs for golfers in 2008 Janine became a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Fitness Instructor, and in 2012 she became a 200 hr. Hatha Yoga Certified Teacher. Now in 2020 Janine is enjoying continuing education related to Fascia and Healthy Aging. Janine still loves to ski and hike and spend as much time in the mountains with her Norwegian husband Thomas.