About Janine

About Janine Janine has always had a love of sport & movement, an eye for detail, and a passion for helping people live their best lives. Growing up in Kelowna B.C. Janine was an athlete and competitive ski racer. She moved to Vancouver to complete a degree in Physical Education and Sports Marketing, and then to Whistler, working both in hospitality management and fitness leadership. 

While working as a trainer and health coach Janine recognized that many of her clients suffered from the same things: back pain, neck pain, knee pain. This was primarily due to a lack of core strength,  poor posture and unstable movement patterns. Looking for a better way to both serve her students and her love for teaching, Janine stepped into the world of Pilates. Known for its intelligent method for improving physical limitations, reducing pain, and re-connecting people to their bodies, Pilates offered a new paradigm to how and what working with people could look like, and the results they could gain.

Janine Trudeau, BPE
Certified STOTT Pilates Teacher
Titleist Golf Performance Instructor
Certified  Yoga Teacher

Janine became a Certified Pilates Teacher in 1999 and a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer in 2003. She has taught students and teachers around the world and helped athletes and clients from many sports backgrounds. Also, having a love of golf and yoga, Janine added certifications as both a Titleist Performance Institute (PMI) Golf Fitness Trainer and a Hatha Yoga Teacher to her diverse education.

Now after over 20 years of teaching movement education Janine still loves sharing her knowledge and passion with others. She utilizes all her technical trainings, coaching skills and life background to help each client get the best results they can so they can enjoy a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.