"As the coach of the Norwegian College of Elite Sport I have had the privilege to use the competence of Janine Trudeau as a Pilates Teacher for 3 years when working with the golf players at the school. There is no question in my mind that Janine has contributed to the fact that we have had top international players representing the school at the age between 16 to 18 the last few years. The correlation between progress in playing golf and the progress of the physical attributes such as core strength, balance and flexibility is striking. By working with Janine and using her expertise in the area the players are now more aware and conscious in their practice. They are also more fit and build for golf. I can strongly recommend Janine Trudeau if you want your athletes to perform better!!" 
Christer Bengtsson, Director of Sports, Golf - Norwegian College of Elite Sport

"Janine is probably the most experienced Pilates Instructor I’ve encountered in my many years of Pilates. She is professional and knowledgeable! She has a great understanding of the human body. I’d highly recommend Janine for your Pilates and rehab needs!!" 
Marion Laursen

"I have an injury in my low back and problems with my hips. Pilates was like a miracle to me. With Pilates, I can exercise without getting pain in my back. Pilates made me able to catch up with activities like jogging, biking, skiing and mountain hiking. Thank you for bringing me back to my old life Janine. I have tried other Pilates classes but I really appreciate your teaching. Other Pilates instructors teach Pilates, but you are Pilates. The best teacher ever!"  
Kari Sunde Fjeldvang (51)

"Put simply - Janine Changed my life! In February 2016, humbled by a fall and fractured pelvis, forced to sit still while sorting out next steps (literally), I knew immediately that Janine was the person I wanted to guide my recovery. Her professional expertise, depth of knowledge and compassionate presence was exactly what I needed to tend to this injury and 62 years of living. Now, nine months later, I am able to do all the things that matter most to me. Whether it’s playing with grandchildren, or taking long walks on the Sea Wall, or contemplating an active adventure, I give thanks every day for Janine’s brilliance!"
Jo-Ann Stansfield

"I can recommend Janine’s classes without reservation and I’m so grateful to have had her as my instructor for 2.5 years. I was in my late 50s and had decided that my core needed some attention. Choosing Janine’s Pilates classes was a good decision. I’ve improved my core strength, shoulder stability, and spinal flexibility. Did I mention better posture and a more fluid walk? Add to that, Janine is the best instructor ever. She gives clear, detailed instructions. She works with you where you are, offering gentle support to reach your goals. I can’t speak highly enough of her – a lovely person, encouraging and kind." 
Wendy Hunt

Your Pilates Teacher - Janine