As creatures of this earth we are deeply connected to the rhythms and pulses of Mother Nature. We nest and rest when it's dark and cold, then reawaken and yearn to move when Spring returns and the days are longer and warmer. This is the time of year to stretch fully, yawn deeply and reconnect to your physical side as you come out of winter hibernation, smelling the air and hearing your body's request to move again. It's time to open, strengthen, elongate, and expand your physical potential.

Movement and physical activity can come in all shapes and styles. Why limit what you do in yours to only one or a few? If you have a small movement vocabulary defined mostly by sitting, walking and lifting, your movement potential is shrinking rather than flourishing and your physicality will start to limit its possibilities. Without a variety of movement patterns our fascia becomes brittle, our joints stiffen, our muscles weaken and our hearts and lungs get sluggish. Not to mention life gets boring!

Our bodies are designed to MOVE and to move in ALL directions and patterns; linear, circular, rotational, diagonal, extending and flexing, all with coordination, control and balance. Such an amazing and beautiful thing is your body! And when we move mindfully, incorporate variety, deepen our breath and build body awareness we ultimately become healthier, happier and more balanced. 

That is the bliss and glory of our evolved, sensing, thinking, feeling, highly refined, mobile bodies. The mind-body connection integrates thought and intention with breath and alignment. It senses where it is in space and gives constant feedback to the nerves and connective tissue. It can incorporate power with agility and ease with function. Movement ultimately changes, heals, nourishes and hydrates your bones, connective tissue, muscles and blood, and supplies endless hours of joy and relaxation to your mind and soul. Such an amazing and beautiful gift is your moving body! (Did I already say that? Well it is true and worth repeating.)

I encourage you to try something NEW this Spring to expand your movement language and appreciate your physical self more. It really is as simple as that. MOVE your body. Anything really, but best if it is something that is NEW to you tissue and mind. Always thought of taking a dance class? - Fun! Go for it! Join a soccer league? - brilliant! Sign up. Dust off your old tennis racket? - Great idea! Always wanted to try Pilates? Now you're talking. 

Pilates can come in many forms with over 500 exercises practiced either on a mat or on special apparatus. It explores special ways to move, breath and stretch and it adds beautiful shapes and mindfulness to an exercise experience. Pilates feels good. It wakes up and invigorates your body in profound ways. It makes you want more. 

I invite you to add some Pilates to your movement language. Happy Spring! (p.s there are 5 springs on a Reformer!)

Janine performing "Snake" on the Reformer