About Janine


Pilates Function with Janine is a client-focused, specialized Pilates-based training service. Available both online and in-studio, the sessions employ smart, mindful, low-impact mobility, strength and breathing exercises to promote a balanced body, healthy joints and better movement in a more functional and mobile body.

Perfect for injury prevention, pain management, improved athletic performance, and active aging, PF goes beyond a simple fitness routine. Janine integrates her extensive background and a holistic approach into each session, tailored to each student's needs.

Pilates Function programs can be tailored for clinical or rehabilitative purposes, advised for chronic back pain management, joint replacement recovery, pre-surgical preparation, and particular neuromuscular conditions like FSHD and MS. Janine is skilled in addressing these specific needs, offering customized lessons and dedicated attention to each individual. Janine has also supported many amateur and National athletes from various disciplines, and enjoys working with golfers of all ages to improve performance and stay pain free.

Janine Trudeau BHK
Certified STOTT Pilates Teacher & Instructor Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher
Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor

Your Instructor

Hello, I'm Janine, and I've dedicated 25 years to being a Certified Pilates Teacher. 

In my experience as a movement specialist, I've seen similar issues with my students over and over. Chronic low back pain, restricted flexibility, poor posture, muscle imbalances, and poor  breathing are all exceptionally common. These challenges are not just professional observations; I had them too, suffering from low back pain for many years.

My path shifted when I earned my Human Kinetics Degree and multiple Fitness & Personal Training certifications, but was not satisfied by traditional fitness training. I went in search of deeper knowledge for myself and my students.

That search brought me to Pilates, and in 1999, I attended my first Teacher Certification in New York, with Polestar Pilates, under the guidance of the extraordinary Elizabeth Larkam. Surrounded by dancers and skilled movers, I faced my own glaring limitations—stiff joints, tense muscles, and awkward movements. It was an eye-opener, and I was captivated.

After four years of intensive STOTT Pilates Teacher Training in Toronto, I earned a Level 2 Certification and became a Pilates Instructor Trainer. In 2003, I moved to Norway, opened a studio in Oslo, taught classes, conducted STOTT Pilates Teacher Training and workshops throughout the UK and Scandinavia until my return to BC in 2010.

Pilates transformed my approach as a movement trainer, and it is a field that's ever-evolving. And my back pain? Gone. Pilates solved it, granting me more balanced hips and a better functioning core, my spine was healthy and happy! Seeing my students undergo similar transformations is always inspiring and I am delighted to be their Pilates/movement guide for a more vital life. 

What My Students Say

Janine's classes are great! With so much attention to detail about the Pilates movements I never question as to if I might hurt myself by doing something wrong. I feel so much more flexible after her classes. Janine explains very clearly as to how each movement affects different body parts, so it's a "learning" experience mentally and physically! Ann Davies


Janine is an outstanding teacher – patient, kind, encouraging, helping you move forward safely. She watches carefully to make sure your form and alignment are correct and provides modifications when necessary. Her feedback after each session was invaluable. She is a truly gifted teacher and wonderful human being to boot! Jane W.


I find a lot of organized yoga and Pilates classes follow a set routine, which can get boring over time. Janine brings something new to every class which makes the hour fly by. I love the attention to form and progression in exercises. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who values mobility and building core as part of fitness routine. R. Hunt