About Janine

What is Pilates Function and What Can it Offer You?

Pilates Function is a contemporary approach to the Pilates Method; low impact, highly intelligent, mind-body exercise modality performed on a mat or on special Pilates apparatus. Pilates has at its heart a focus on improving full body balance, leading with core strengthening, posture, breathing, joint health, flexibility, sport based and functional movements. Perfect for active agers, new moms, prehab or rehab for hips knees, shoulders, low back pain and overall health and fitness.

Hi! My name is Janine Trudeau, and I am a Certified Pilates Teacher and Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer of 20+ years. I have a background in sport and fitness with a degree in Human Kinetics.  I'm passionate about helping people ditch pain and improve their movement and their lives with smart, safe, Pilates-based programs. I am a problem solver with highly intuitive skills and will help you gain more freedom, function and performance no matter your age or starting level. From beginners to athletes Pilates will serve you well! 

Janine Trudeau BHK
Certified STOTT Pilates Teacher & Instructor Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher
Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor

About Janine

As a lifetime fitness professional I have seen many people struggle with the same issues time and time again; low back pain, tight hips, loss of flexibility, poor posture, and weak core muscles. 

I experienced this exact thing and suffered for a very long time with low back pain because of it.

After years of participating in sport I thought I was fit and strong. But my overuse of certain muscles and lack of movement variety made my body tight and imbalanced, my gait faulty (I walked like a duck) and my low back overworked and constantly short.

I thought this was my "normal" and that back pain would be my constant nemesis. 

Thankfully I found Pilates! I finally learned the cause of my back pain and how to get out of it. I learned how to strengthen my abdominals and core muscles correctly, how to stretch the muscles around my hips and spine, which ultimately improved my gait, my posture and released my back.

I also learned to breathe and move in new ways that afforded me even more strength and full body freedom. With Pilates I felt stronger and more flexible than ever before. Pilates was a revelation! 

My Students

My students range from mom's in their 20's to baby boomers in their 80's. They are able to leave their back pain behind too and can enjoy all the activities they love, from skiing and hiking, travelling to gardening, horse riding to golfing. No more daily painkillers, no more weekly chiropractic appointments, no more missing out. 

Janine's classes are great! With so much attention to detail about the Pilates movements I never question as to if I might hurt myself by doing something wrong. I feel so much more flexible after her classes. Janine explains very clearly as to how each movement affects different body parts, so it's a "learning" experience mentally and physically! Ann Davies


Janine is an outstanding teacher – patient, kind, encouraging, helping you move forward safely. She watches carefully to make sure your form and alignment are correct and provides modifications when necessary. Her feedback after each session was invaluable. She is a truly gifted teacher and wonderful human being to boot! Jane W.


I find a lot of organized yoga and Pilates classes follow a set routine, which can get boring over time. Janine brings something new to every class which makes the hour fly by. I love the attention to form and progression in exercises. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who values mobility and building core as part of fitness routine. R. Hunt

If you are ready to experience all that Pilates can offer you, I would love to be your guide!

Join my one of my upcoming Pilates Programs or arrange to work with me privately virtually from the comfort of home, or in person in Kelowna. You can see my upcoming class schedule HERE.