About JanineHi!
My name is Janine, and I am a Certified Pilates Instructor of 20+ years. I have a background in ski racing, personal training, yoga and golf fitness and I'm passionate about helping people ditch pain and improve their full body potential with smart, contemporary Pilates programs. 

If you are looking for a program that heals not hurts, is low impact, highly intelligent, builds equal parts strength and flexibility, and centers around a strong, stable core, you are in the right place. Welcome to my world. I am excited you are here!

Janine Trudeau BHK
Certified STOTT Pilates Teacher & Instructor Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher
Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor

As a lifetime fitness professional I have seen many people struggle with the same issues time and time again; back pain, tight hips, loss of flexibility, loss of posture, weak abdominals. 

I experienced this exact thing and suffered for a very long time with low back pain.

After years of participating in sport I thought I was fit and strong. But my overuse of certain muscles and lack of movement variety were contributing to my body becoming tighter and more imbalanced, my gait becoming faulty and my low back being chronically tight.

I thought this was my "normal" and that I would just have to live with it. 

When I found Pilates I finally learned how to use my abdominals correctly, how to balance the muscles around my legs and change my posture, thus releasing my tight and overused back muscles.

I also learned how to breathe and move in ways that help stretch and open my ribcage. This allowed my spine to move with more ease and I found new freedom in my entire body. Pilates was a revelation! 

My students tell me they have left their pain behind too and are back to enjoying the activities they love. No more daily painkillers, no more weekly chiropractic appointments, no more missing out. They feel younger, lighter, taller, stronger and more positive.

Others, that Pilates has improved their sports performance; they can rotate their spine farther, have better balance, generate more power, play with more stamina, and move with more freedom and ease.

If you are ready to experience all that Pilates can offer you, I would love to be your guide!

Here's what some of my students are saying about my classes:

Janine's classes are great! With so much attention to detail about the Pilates movements I never question as to if I might hurt myself by doing something wrong. I feel so much more flexible after her classes. Janine explains very clearly as to how each movement affects different body parts, so it's a "learning" experience mentally and physically! Ann Davies


I decided to try virtual Pilates classes during Covid lockdown. I thought the one-on-one sessions would be a good place to start as I had some particular physical issues to deal with. I signed on with Janine for several months of online sessions and found them to be so incredibly rewarding, both physically and mentally.


Janine is an outstanding teacher – patient, kind, encouraging, helping you move forward safely. She watches carefully to make sure your form and alignment are correct and provides modifications when necessary. Her feedback after each session was invaluable. She is a truly gifted teacher and wonderful human being to boot! Jane W.


I find a lot of organized yoga and Pilates classes follow a set routine, which can get boring over time. Janine brings something new to every class which makes the hour fly by. I love the attention to form and progression in exercises. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who values mobility and building core as part of fitness routine. R. Hunt