Are you ready to leave your back pain behind but are unsure of which exercises are safe, or how to perform them correctly? With over 20 years experience at helping people get out of back pain, I can help you too. 

This 1-1 coaching program will be your guide to learning what exercises to do, in a safe and effective way, so you can start feeling better and moving with more confidence and ease.

We will meet on-line, 1 x week for 40 minute Pilates-based strength and stretching sessions, over a 6 week period. I will guide you through gentle yet effective exercises to help you strengthen, stretch and stabilize your spine and improve your functional movement patterns.

You will also receive the recording of each weeks lesson, with personalized notes and tips, to practice until our next weekly online meeting.

Convenient, safe and with my careful eye, this 6-week program will reduce stress and strain, build your confidence and help get you back to doing all the things you love to do! 

No equipment required. Various time slots available. 

Contact to get started this week!

Fee: $497 CAD (tax included)


In studio, personalized Pilates packages are currently offered in Kettle Valley, Kelowna, BC. These bespoke sessions will utilize specialized Pilates equipment and props to help support and challenge you to improve your full body movement potential.  

Personalized studio training is strongly recommended for prehab or post surgery recovery, cancer recovery, chronic back pain, joint replacement, or other specialized needs. No experience needed.

Times available - Mon: 12.30 - 6.30 / Wed: 3:00 - 6.00 / Friday: 2.30 - 6.00 

Introduction 3 Lesson Package

Includes a movement and postural assessment, documentation of past history and goal setting, introduction to level 1 mobility and core exercises, proper breathing technique.
Fee: Single $362.25, Duet $205 pp

10 Lesson Progress Program 

Continue to build and develop your Pilates skills, improved strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, plus receive a short personalized home exercise plan  (2-3 exercises) to keep you thinking and moving in your "Pilates" body between lessons. Bring your specific goals, activities and needs to the studio and we will improve week on week.
Fee: Single $1155, Duet Training: $787.50 pp

DROP IN 1x Advanced Lesson

Available to those with Pilates experience looking for a drop in advanced movement lesson.
Fee: $150


Pilates Mobility & Strength for 50+ 

Join a gentle weekly movement class from the comfort of your home with other Active Agers. Each class will guide you through standing mobility and balance exercises, then movements on the mat for flexibility, core, hip and back strength, and will finish with a short relaxation. (Live classes on ZOOM with recordings sent for any missed classes.)

Time: 9.30 - 10.30 am PST  
Tuesdays June 4 - July 23 (8 lessons $210)
Fridays June 7- July 26 (8 lessons $210)

* Register for 2x week to receive discount $375.00
* Video Only option & Pro-rated series also available

Contact Janine today to schedule your Pilates program