8 Weeks to Flexible Strength On-Line Group Series

To help everything from your back pain to your golf game, this program will gain you more fluidity and function of the spine, hips and shoulders, lift and lengthen your posture and strengthen your deep core support system. Move better, feel better, and play better! Ideal for active agers, athletes and "stiffies" of all sorts. We use a mat, plus a small Pilates ball and flex band (but a pillow and scarf work just too).   


Tuesdays May 3 - June 21 @ 9.30 am PST
Fridays May 6 - June 24- @ 9.30 am PST 
  • 1 x a week for 8 weeks $210
  • 2 x a week (16 classes) $400

Private Pilates Lessons - Virtual 

  • Virtual Zoom sessions dedicated to your needs and goals
  • Mondays and Thursdays
  • Sessions are 30 minutes
  • 4 session minimum
  • $60 ea. ($252.00/4)
  • Various times available (please contact janine@pilatesfunction to schedule)

Private Pilates Lessons - In Home

  • Book me to come to your home!
  • Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Sessions are 60 minutes (with small props brought to you).
  • $95- $200/hr (Kelowna, West Side, Lake Country)
  • Various times available (please contact janine@pilatesfunction to schedule)

Q&A's and How to join my programs? 

I have never tried Pilates before. Is Janine Trudeau Pilates safe for me? 

YES! Janine prides herself as a master teacher creating clarity, progress and safety for all students.  
It is recommended that before starting a new exercise program you have clearance from your doctor and if unfamiliar with Pilates, take an introductory series of private lessons (4) before the group starts. 

How do I join a virtual program?

  1. Email me - janine@pilatesfunction.com to register for group series or to schedule one-on-one.
  2. Pay via bank e-transfer or through secure PayPal transaction.
  3. Receive your ZOOM meeting link by email. (save it for all classes of the series)
  4. Roll out your mat, *join your LIVE class using your secure Zoom link (or watch the recording at your convenience) and get your Pilates on! 

Do I need any special equipment?

NO! This is the beauty of a home Pilates program - affordability and accessibility (no expensive, intimidating studios or big apparatus required). You just need a computer and a quiet space to exercise.

In addition a few small props are ideal, such as a pillow, a 22 cm soft Pilates Ball and stretchy Flex Band, (like Thera-band). You can order these items easily from sissel.com, merrithew.com, or Amazon.

* To join the LIVE classes you will need a lap top computer or tablet with good internet connection. Set up in a quiet place with your camera on, then just roll out your mat and enjoy the movement.