The 6 Week Back & Core Solution - 1-1 Online Program

Are you ready to solve your back pain and start feeling strong, stable and balanced again so you can get back to active living? This 1-1 Pilates-based online coaching program will help you do that. 

I'll assess your posture and movement function and then create a personalized program specific for you. We will then meet online, 2 x week, over 6 weeks, for 30 minute movement sessions. Here I will guide you through progressive Pilates-based mobility, core and back strengthening and breathing exercises to help you regain healthy movement, strength and stability again.  

You will also get a mini program of 2-3 exercises, to perform on the days we are not together, plus have access to me via SMS to ask questions, get feedback, and trouble shoot any concerns that come up. 

Convenient, effective, safe and with accountable to me, this program will build your road map back into a better balanced, strong and functional body, with less pain and able to do more and live better! 

This program starts whenever you are ready. Reach out today to learn more.

Fee: $756 CAD (price includes GST)

In Person Studio Training 1-1

Personalized Pilates packages are currently offered in Kettle Valley, Kelowna, BC. These hands on bespoke sessions will utilize special Pilates equipment to help you recover and improve full body mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and performance. Students do not need any experience and all levels are welcome - beginner to top athlete. 

Personalized studio training is strongly recommended for prehab or post surgery recovery, cancer recovery, joint replacement, or other specialized needs. 

Times available - Mon: 12.30 - 5.30 / Wed: 3:00 - 6.00 / Friday: 3:00 - 6.00

Introduction 3 Lesson Package

Includes a movement and postural assessment, documentation of past history and goal setting, introduction to level 1 mobility and core exercises, proper breathing technique.
Fee: $362.25

10 Lesson Progress Program 

Continue to build and develop your Pilates skills, improved strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, plus receive a short personalized home exercise plan  (2-3 exercises) to keep you thinking and moving in your "Pilates" body between lessons. Bring your specific goals, activities and needs to the studio and we will improve week on week.
Fee: $1155

Location101-5309 Main St, Kelowna BC, V1W4Z3 (free parking on site)

Group Classes (Next Online Series: January - February 2024)

50+ Level 1: 
Join a gentle weekly movement class from the comfort of your home with other Active Agers. Each class will guide you through standing mobility and balance exercises, then movements on the mat for flexibility, core, hip and back strength, and will finish with a short relaxation.  (Classes are on ZOOM and recordings will be sent for any missed classes.)

Dates: Tuesdays Jan. 2 - Feb. 27, Fridays Jan. 5 - March 1
Times: 9.30 - 10.30 am PST  
Fee: 9 Week Series $225/ 2x week $425
* drop in $25 & prorated series also available

Strength & Performance Level 2-3: 
Increase your full body strength, coordination and core control with this athletic series of Pilates & sport based exercises. Fun and vigorous you will be lengthened and strengthened in all the right places. Expect to get your body moving and heart pumping!

Dates: Wednesdays January 10 - Feb. 28
Time: 11.00 -12.00 am PST
Fee: $210 (no drop-ins available for this program) 

Contact Janine today to schedule your Pilates lessons