Where Therapy meets Performance

To help everything from your back pain to your golf game, these programs will leave you feeling connected, strong, flexible and refreshed. Ideal for active agers, weekend warriors and those new or returning to Pilates who want to reduce pain and improve deep core strength and full body resilience so they can function, play and perform at their very best! 

FALL 2022  (Live Virtual Programs over Zoom)

September to November Class Series, 9.30-10.30 am Pacific Time

Pilates Deep Stretch     Mondays September 12- October 24    $150
Deep Fascial Stretching and movement activation to release adhesions, provide hydration to the tissue and encourage more glide, ease and freedom in the body. (6 classes only - no class Sept. 5, October 10)

Pilates for Back Pain    Tuesdays September 6 - Oct. 25    $200  
Build Core Strength, hip stability, and a strong and supple spine. This full body Pilates conditioning program is based on the key principles of posture, breath, movement and centering and will awaken, strengthen and align your entire body from toes to nose. Use of a soft Pilates Ball recommended.

Pilates for Muscle Building    Wednesdays September 7 - October 26    $200
As we age it is important to maintain our muscle to decrease the risk of falling, frailty, loss of body weight and metabolism. This program will target the larger, key moving muscles of the legs, glutes, back and arms, to build more tone, and muscle tissue using hand weights and bands. A variety of sizes recommended from light to medium.

Pilates for Back Pain    Fridays September 8 - Oct. 25    $200  
Build deep core strength, hip stability, and a strong and supple spine. This full body Pilates conditioning program is based on the key principles of posture, breath, movement and centering and will awaken, strengthen and align your entire body from toes to nose. Use of a soft Pilates Ball recommended.

Packages Available  8 week series, register for one or many!

1 x Drop In $25
Single Series price as listed
2 Class Series 10% discount
3 Class Series 20% discount
4 Class Series 30% discount 

Class Recordings included for missed Live Pre Paid Classes


Dedicated to your specific needs and goals!

Virtual 30 minute One-on-One Training
Private lessons over ZOOM 
$65 per session or $505 package of 8  
Recordings and notes provided for all training lessons

To Your Door (Kelowna) 60 minute One-on-One Training 
Private lessons and small props brought to you.
Sessions are 60 minutes
$150 per session or $1050.00 package of 8 


I have never tried Pilates before. Can I try a class first before committing to a series?

YES! You can take your first class free to give Pilates and me a test run! Just send me an email to let me know which day/time class you are interested in and I will send you the invitation to join us. If you decide to stay - and I think you will - you can join us for the remainder of the series at a pro-rated fee. 

I am nervous about taking a virtual class. Will I be able to follow along? 

YES! The beauty of virtual training is that we can see each other, but you have the privacy of your own space. No pressure to keep up or perform. You can move slowly, take breaks, and speak with me directly before or after every class. I pride herself as a master teacher creating clarity, progress and safety for all students. I have full belief that you will be able to follow along and gain massive benefits.

* If coming back to exercise after an injury or prolonged time away, it is recommended that you have clearance from your doctor to start or resume an exercise program. 

How do I join a virtual program?

  1. Send me a quick email - janine@pilatesfunction.com to enquire for a class series or to schedule one-on-one training.
  2. Receive your ZOOM link invitation (save it for all classes of the series) and invoice.
  3. Prepay for your class or series by bank e-transfer to janine@pilatesfunction.com, or through a  secure payment link I can provide you: Stripe/credit card, or PayPal.
  4. Join your Live class at the scheduled time by clicking the Zoom link, (come a few minutes early to ensure everything is working) and then get your Pilates Body moving! It feels so good!
  5. If receiving the recording you will be sent a link via email and have 72 hours to access it. Easy! 
Do I need any special equipment?

NO! This is the beauty of a home Pilates program - affordability and accessibility (no expensive, intimidating studios or big apparatus required). You just need a computer or tablet, a mat, and a quiet space to exercise plus a few small props are suggested. 

Props nice to have: a pillow, bolster or folded towel to sit on, or for behind your head, a yoga block or soft Pilates Ball, a Flex Band (like Thera-band) and 1-2 sets weights for the strength classes. I would recommend a light set, 2 or 3 lbs, and a medium set 5 or 8 or 10 lbs.