Why is Pilates so good? (especially now during Covid-19)

1. Small space needed & no equipment is required

Pilates is the perfect choice of exercise to do at home. It's effective, efficient and no fancy equipment is required. Just a mat, and maybe a few small props. Ready to go!

If you are needing a pilates mat or ball click here: Pilates ball

2. Reverses sitting posture

Most people are sitting more than normal during our current Covid-19 situation. Working from home, teaching kids from home, recreating at home (Netflix binge-watching) are all the current norm. Pilates helps you reverse your sitting posture by,
  • Keeping good muscle tone and strength
  • Keeping you flexible
  • Improving your postural muscles
  • Keeping your lungs and respiratory system healthy
  • Reduces aches and pains in the body

Pilates Exercises Strengthens the Core and Improves Posture

3. Pilates focuses on the breath

This is a stressful, anxious time for many. When we spend a lot of time in a "fight or flight", high adrenaline state we often hold our breath or take shallow, gasping breaths. When our inhale looks like this, we also don't fully exhale and so ultimately starve the cells of fresh oxygen, perpetuating this anxious state.

In Pilates we make sure to breathe deeply and to fully exhale to expel all the stale air from the lungs, allowing fresh air to rush in. Good breathing also helps us to stay calm, centered and in the present moment.

To see a short video I did on breathing:  
So if there was ever a time to be practicing Pilates it is NOW! Pilates will help you proactively stay healthy, keep moving, stay calm and centered. AND you will look amazing!

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