Why is Pilates so good? (especially now during Covid-19)

1. Small space needed & no equipment is required

Pilates is the perfect choice of exercise to do at home. It's effective, efficient and no fancy equipment is required. Just a mat, a pillow and maybe a few small props, like a soft Pilates ball. Ready to go!

2. Reverses sitting posture

Most people are sitting too much and Covid-19 has exacerbated the situation. Working from home, teaching kids from home, recreating at home (Netflix binge-watching) are all the current norm. 

Pilates helps you reverse your sitting posture by,
  • Improving muscle tone of the core, hips and back
  • Keeping the spine flexible
  • Improving the postural muscles and aligning the head and body
  • Keeping the lungs and respiratory system healthy
  • Reducing aches and pains in the body

Pilates Exercises Strengthens the Core and Improves Posture

3. Pilates Calms the Mind

Too much stress is not a good thing on the body. It can lead to the inability of your nervous system to relax, adrenal fatigue to set in and you living in a constant state of unease and anxiety.  

In Pilates there is a focus on opening the tight body to help it breathe more easily. By gently stretching and mobilizing tissue around the rib cage and chest, space can be created for the lungs to expand and the diaphragm to move. When combined with an "active" exhale to fully expel old stale air out of the lungs, releasing toxins and waste, it allows even more space for fresh oxygen to come in. This gas exchange happens deep in the lower lobes of the lungs and sends a trigger to the brain and the nervous system that all is well.

 This active exhalation has the additional benefit of strengthening the deep core and pelvic floor muscles, which both assist with maintaining good upright posture. 

This full and mindful breathing practice has the result of sending fresh oxygen to all parts of the body, lifting the chest, and holding the head up, which signals the nervous system that no immediate danger is present. It is impossible to experience a stress response while standing tall and breathing slow, deep breaths. Instead a feeling of calm, centered, confidence can be found inside every breath cycle. 

My students always tell me that after a class they feel both pleasantly "worked", refreshed and relaxed.

So if there was ever a time to be practicing Pilates and conscious breathing it is NOW! A home practice doesn't need to be complicated or fancy, and if you need support there are plenty of books and resources available to help you. Ultimately Pilates is a wonderful tool to help you stay centered, strong and resilient,

...... to be better able to stay calm and carry on, no matter what crazy things life throws at you.