Welcome, 2021!

A New Year with the gift of hope and the opportunity to refresh your goals and create a plan for a healthy, happy life has just arrived!

Whether learning to prepare healthier meals, drink more water, recondition your body to move out of pain and back into strength and balance, and give your cells what they desire most - movement and fresh air - now is the time to start! Good-bye 2020, hello fresh beginnings!

The key is to not overwhelm yourself with huge commitments, requiring staunch will-power and self-deprivation.

Instead, small changes will go a long way to creating new habits and an empowered lifestyle. Try having a glass of water in the mornings before coffee, adding a few more vegies at dinner and scheduling a non-negotiable 30 minute walk daily. Start noticing your posture and stand a little taller, with your shoulders back and your stomach muscles in.

These small daily self offerings will add up quickly. You will start to feel more confident, productive and positive with a renewed sense of self and your ability to design and shape your day and life.

And to help you reach your health and fitness goals this year Pilates should be a part of your life. With its focus on building a strong core and improving posture (both required for a healthy spine and better sports performance), while also toning the glutes, abs, back, legs and arms, and improving flexibility, coordination, balance, and breathing - Pilates is a one-stop-shop for feeling better, moving better and looking great in your own skin!

If you are interested in adding a Pilates program to your new year routine and getting to your goals faster, I am here to help you.

Through my 12 Week Personalized Pilates Program I work virtually with people from all over, to teach and empower them to better health and vitality. A coaching program that provides accountability, safety and guidance to get you to your desired transformation.

Just think where you could be in 3 short months. With over 20 years experience to offer my students I am also fully committed to their success. I take only a few virtual clients at a time to give them my full attention. If you would like to find out what working with me virtually would be like, I would love to hear from you. You can see more details about all my programs at www.pilatesfunction.com.

Let's kick this year off right and get you to your fitness goals sooner. Covid-19 will not hold you back!

Wishing you great health and inspired movement in 2021!