A New Year has arrived and brings with it fresh hopes and dreams, and the opportunity to set, review and renew health and fitness goals.

Whether learning to prepare healthier meals, drink more water, or recondition your body to move out of pain and back into balance, a New Year feels like the right time to start, and baby steps is the way to move ever forward.

The key to being successful with your new goals, is to not overwhelm yourself with grand Resolutions - requiring staunch will-power and self-deprivation. Instead, focus on small, daily changes that will go a long way to creating new habits, and these new habits will ultimately get you over the finish line, without the struggle.

Here are a few examples of small, doable daily habits, that will add up to big wins for your wellness:
  • Drink a glass of water in the mornings before coffee or tea
  • Add one extra vegie to your lunches and dinners
  • Schedule a non-negotiable 30 minute walk daily
  • Lay out your exercise clothes the night before
  • Chew slower, become mindful of how your food smells, tastes, and feels in your mouth
  • Practice taking 5 slow, deep breathes, 5 x a day 
  • Start noticing your posture and reflection, and encourage yourself to stand taller, roll your shoulders back and down, and gently draw your stomach muscles in
  • Take the stairs 
  • Stretch in the shower, or unroll that yoga mat 15 minutes a day

These small daily self offerings will add up quickly. You will start to feel more confident, productive and positive with a renewed sense of self  and health and the control to design your life, day by day.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Focus on one little win, which will lead you to the next, and so on. This way you will build momentum and new routines that become a healthy, better serving habit.