There is still a long road to travel before we get back to a pre covid-19 existence, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And while we wait and dream for that future, there is much we can actively do right now, to nurture our bodies with good habits, daily movement and healthy practices.

You Have the Power

Becoming more mindful and grateful about the things you can do - the things you CAN control - for better health and wellbeing, puts you back in the driver's seat. What you eat, how much alcohol you drink, how much rejuvenating sleep you get, how often you exercise and how you de-stress and relax, all are controlled by you. Is it time to consider something new that would serve you better? You have a choice.

Your Body Will Tell You

Last November my husband told me that he wanted to eat less animal protein (of all kinds) and more plant based options. So I am learning how to cook with a variety of new legumes and meat alternatives, and am trying new recipes for vegetarian stews, soups and chilis to put in the dinner rotation. It's fun! Plus we implemented Dry January this year, no alcohol for the month of January, which was a great way to cleanse my liver and rethink my wine habit.

And adding more STRETCHING to my days and weeks is another 2021 goal for me. I have taken up running again as a mood booster (5 km, 2-3 x week), but if I neglect to stretch, my knees hurt. I do not have bad knees. I do get tight legs. Stretching my thighs and hamstrings regularly keeps my knees happy, and allows me to stay on track with my new cardio routine. Stretching is my gift to myself.

Amazing Research

Stretching has now been proven to lower blood pressure by as much as a daily walking program. This is incredible news! It is due to the inter-connectiveness of the muscles, the connective tissue and the fascial wrappings surrounding the blood vessels. When muscles are stretched, the surrounding fascia also gets pulled and this in turn pulls and stretches the fascia surrounding the arteries. The arteries become more pliable and springy making it easier for them to push blood back to the heart. WOW!!

And if you thought that was WOW then how about this - Stretching has been shown to reduce cancer tumors by 33%! The research suggests that by having a soft and yielding inner environment, the immune system has a better opportunity to get through tissue and fight the tumor cells. Conversely, having overly dense, compacted tissue will make the environment harder for the immune system to penetrate and therefore harder to reach and attack the tumor. Stretching helps your inner environment stay soft!

What Changes Can You Make?

So what is your body asking for that you have the power to give it? Whether its ensuring you drink 8 glasses of water a day (so many diseases are related to dehydration), watching less TV, consuming more fruits and vegetables (¾ of people do not eat enough F&V), scheduling a daily exercise routine, ….. start now, you can do it!

Need a Little Help?

If you are ready to shake things up, but need a little assistance, guidance, and accountability to move you towards better health this year, I would love to help you. I offer a Just For You! Private Pilates Program, providing you with the framework, knowledge and specific exercises and stretches that will help tone, strengthen and open your body to new possibilities! This 12 week virtual training opportunity could be the best gift you give yourself! Reach out. I am here to help.

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Here I post tips, exercise videos and information to help keep you motivated, educated and moving well.

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Yours in heath and wellness,