We all know that stretching and remaining pliable and resilient in our tissue is the key to moving well and aging well. It is one aspect of the strength and flexibility duo of Pilates, that I am becoming more enamored with, the older I get.

But there is some new and exciting research that points to even great benefits of staying limber.

Amazing Benefit #1 Stretching as Blood Pressure Medication 

Did you know that stretching has now been proven to lower blood pressure by as much as a daily walking program. This is incredible news! 

It is due to the inter-connectiveness of the muscles, the connective tissue and the fascial wrappings that surround the blood vessels. 

When muscles are stretched, the surrounding fascia also gets pulled, and this in turn pulls and stretches the fascia surrounding the arteries. The arteries become more pliable and springy making it easier for them to push blood back to the heart. 


Recognizing that fascia is interconnected and interwoven around all the muscles, ligaments and tendons and runs throughout the entire body means that stretching in one area has far reaching benefits that positively impact the entire fascial matrix. Blood vessels included. 

And if you thought that was WOW, then how about this news about stretching and cancer: 

Amazing Benefit #2 Stretching To Reduce Cancer Tumors by 33%

The research suggests that by having a soft and yielding inner environment, the immune system has a better opportunity to get through tissue and fight the tumor cells. 

Conversely, having overly dense, compacted tissue will make the environment harder for the immune system to penetrate, and therefore harder to reach and attack the tumor. 

Stretching helps your inner environment stay soft and provides the immune system a fighting chance!

So stretch, stretch, stretch away! 

Open, lengthen, reach and bend to help keep the deep fascial layers sliding and gliding, lubricated and hydrated. The benefits will keep our blood pressure down, our immune response strong, and our joy for living actively forever boundless!

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