Ah the Shoulders!

Such a complex, complicated joint.

Most of my students have a love-hate relationship with theirs. 

Some have had a rotator cuff injury. Others have dislocated a shoulder during a fall, or experienced frozen shoulder from an injury or feel they are weak in their upper body. Many have neck pain and strain due to their dysfunctional shoulders. 

The challenge is real!

Shoulders are designed to be mobile. They allow us to move our arms in all directions. Front, back, up, down, internal and external rotation, side reaching, protraction, retraction, circumduction. The shoulder is your most flexible joint on the body.

But the truth is that modern life has us dropping our head, rounding our spine and losing full shoulder function and ease. 

If the shoulders and shoulder girdle are not equal parts flexible and stable, big problems come up.

Here is a Video I created for my 5 Day Golf Fit Program. Whether you play or not you will have some very doable and effective stretches to work with and a couple simple yet key strengthening moves to try. Your back, neck and posture will thank you!

Click the link below to watch the recording for Healthy Neck & Shoulders (start it at 3 minutes).

Healthy Happy Shoulders

As one of my students recently wrote me and warmed my heart: