If you experience chronic low back pain (LBP), sadly you are not alone. (Yup even me!)

Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, and it is estimated that 80% of people will experience it at some point in their lives. 

In the United States, low back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed workdays and is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor, after the common cold. 

So why is LBP so prolific and how can you stop the cycle of chronic, disabling, exhausting back pain for good, so you can get back to living a full, joyful and active life?

The answer is actually less complicated than you might know.

The #1 Way To Get Rid of Back Pain For Good 

Society has become both impatient and sedentary. We move less, complain more and feel stuck in our bodies and lives. 

But you cannot take a pill to get rid of chronic back pain long term. Sorry. Nor can you crack your way out of chronic back pain either. (I have had many clients spend thousands of dollars on chiropractic sessions, with only short lived relief.)

Instead you need to MOVE the physical stress and tissue limitations out of your body. Regularly. Movement is the answer, and specifically Pilates, which is recognized as the #1 exercise modality for back pain relief.

Pilates exercises for back pain, coupled with small lifestyle changes like getting enough quality sleep and reducing daily stress, is the path out of chronic pain and back into a healthy, pain free body. 

And you can do it in 6 weeks (or even less).

Yet sadly, most doctors still do not prescribe movement therapy as a treatment for LBP, but instead suggest short term solutions like bed rest, pain medication, chiropractic manipulation or even surgery.

This creates a loop where you get some short term relief, followed by another onset of disabling back pain, more painkillers, short term relief, and the cycle continues.  

This negative loop will persist until the root cause of your problem, (tight tissue, movement restrictions, weakness) is resolved. 

You might start to feel hopeless, like your body has betrayed you, maybe believing such stereotypes like "back pain is just a part of aging" or "every new mom has back pain so its normal" or "as an athlete you will always have pain". 

In my 25 years of experience, helping hundreds of people out of back pain, I know this is just not true!

To break the loop you just need some clear action steps and tools that you can practice to support and maintain your vitality. You need to take your power back. Your body can change. It wants to feel better. 

And the best part? 

Pilates movement therapy for low back pain works quickly and is available to EVERYBODY!

3 Things Stopping Your Progress 

Most people agree that movement and exercise would help their back pain. But when it comes to taking the next step, or getting good results there are some common beliefs that get in the way. Here are the top 3 I hear often.

Belief 1 - Exercise doesn't work for me, I've tried it and my back pain got worse.

So here is the simple truth. Not all exercise is the same when it comes to getting out of back pain. 

What have you tried? Yoga? Weight Training? Cardio? All of these activities might be great for your body ONCE you have gotten your back pain under control, but they will not be the best path to help move you out of the back pain negative loop cycle. You cannot power, run or stretch your way out of back pain. 

Pilates is going to be your fastest and safest way to regain your healthy back. Pilates will provide you gentle, specific back mobility and strengthening exercises that do not push you into pain, incorporate a breathing plus core focus, and remind your body how to feel good and move with ease.  

Find a Back Care program that addresses these things and is taught by an experienced professional and you will get long term relief. Exercise should never hurt.  (For more info read my blog Which Program Is Better For Women - Pilates or Yoga? (pilatesfunction.com)

Belief 2 - I'm too busy, I don't have time to exercise.

There are 2 parts to this I will unpack. 

First, everyone is busy, but if you really want something, (to get out of back pain) you will find the time. Its about what is important to you and prioritizing that over something else.  

The second part is realizing how little time it actually takes! 

A short Pilates routine of 4 exercises, practiced 3-4 times a week, has been proven to be effective at relieving chronic pain. So start there and build a consistent routine in the mornings, or noon, or after work. Its better to do a few smart things consistently, than try to do too much and burn out. 

Baby steps, lead to results, which lead to feeling good and gaining confidence. This creates a positive mind body experience of exercise-equals-feeling-good! You want to continue. Less really is more!

Belief 3 - I am not a gym person and don't feel comfortable exercising with people. 

This problem is the easiest to solve. Because if what you want is to finally be free of back pain, you can do it from home. Privately. Its never been easier with so many resources available on-line.

You need zero equipment, no gym membership, can do it following a pre-designed back pain program, or work with a teacher on-line, to be guided and cared for so you feel safe, comfortable and confident. 

Or you can also seek out a Pilates studio in your community to join small group or Personal Pilates lessons. Some Pilates teachers also offer home training lessons, where they come to you. 

Never has there been so many options to help you get started. From YouTube to Zoom classes, in person or pre-recorded, Pilates teachers are offering their expertise to more people than ever before.

 And you could be one of them! 

Take Your Power Back

You can take back your power and get out of nagging, exhausting, achy, back pain for good, once you address the root cause. You really are in control and it only takes the desire and small weekly actions to finally get the results you crave. Here are your action steps:

1. Seek out a Back Pain Teacher (Pilates is #1 method recommended to relieve back pain )
2. Start with a 4 exercise movement routine you can practice at home, 3-4 x week, in 15 minutes.
3. Journal your weekly progress over 6 weeks and feel proud and empowered by your back pain relief.

Yes it can be that simple! 

Need any help? 

My Bye Bye Back Pain, 6 Week Challenge, is a personal bespoke program, on-line over Zoom to anyone, living anywhere, that you can start at any time. We meet 2 x week, you can ask questions, get support and accountability, all without ever needing to leave your home. I guide you through everything.

Don't hesitate to reach out and book a discovery call to learn if this program is right for you.

Wishing you a Healthy Happy Back!