FIT FOR GOLF  Improve Your Body, Love Your Game

January 2022 Registration Opens Soon

Fit For Golf is a 12 week on-line training program, offering the enthusiastic golfer a fully guided, transformative experience to help them drive the ball farther and straighter, have more endurance and confidence, and reduce injuries so they can improve their golf performance and feel great. 

Developed with 20+ years experience teaching Pilates, functional movement and Titleist Golf Performance, Fit For Golf is a proven program that doesn't require expensive equipment or gym time.

"As the coach of the Norwegian College of Elite Sport I have had the privilege to use the competence of Janine Trudeau as a Pilates Teacher for 3 years when working with the golf players at the school. There is no question in my mind that Janine has contributed to the fact that we have had top international players representing the school the last few years. The correlation between progress in playing golf and the progress of the physical attributes such as core strength, balance and flexibility is striking. By working with Janine and using her expertise in the area the players are now more aware and conscious in their practice. They are also more fit and built for golf. I can strongly recommend Janine Trudeau if you want your athletes to perform better!!" 
Christer Bengtsson, Director of Sports, Golf - Norwegian College of Elite Sport

Inside this program you will learn the why and how of key exercises every golfer should do to:
  • build a stable foundation of the core and legs
  • improve back strength and posture
  • increase dynamic rotation 
  • improve flexibility of the hips, spine, shoulders and neck
  • increase awareness of breathing, focus and centering
  • improve timing, rhythm and power
  • improve your confidence and show you what is possible 

Even if you have never done Pilates before, or have not been in an exercise routine in a while, you can't help but come out of this program better than you went in! You will be coached and guided every step of the way with Live classes, lesson recordings, tips and checklists, plus a supportive community of other golfers, all to ensure you stay on track and get the results you want; a better functioning body for a better golf swing! Plus this program provides a routine to use over and over to keep your body supple and strong for many golf seasons to come. 

I am excited to welcome you inside the Fit For Golf Academy and see how much your game improves!

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