NEW Online Workshop!

BEST Stretches for a Better Golf Swing

Join this live, interactive movement and stretch workshop to learn my top exercises for golfers to help unlock your body for a smoother, stronger, safer Golf Swing. 

I'll address 3 important areas and teach a few key stretches for each: shoulders, spine, and hips. Plus you will learn one MUST do exercise to bring more power, and my #1 stretch for low back pain. 

You will experience how to perform these home exercises safely, without any gimmicks or expensive equipment, and a few you can do at the course as a pregame warm up. 

After class there will be an opportunity to get answers to any stretching questions you might have during the Q&A.


I'm hosting this workshop Live on Zoom, where you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions during the Q&A.

Live Workshop: February 8th, 1.00-2.15 pm PST

Can't swing the Live session? All good. Lifetime access to the recording is included in your ticket.

A few of the topics we'll cover:

The #1 thing to keep in mind when stretching. 
Why "holding" a stretch is NOT the best way to improve mobility.
What every golfer should be doing to stay fluid and pain free.
Bonus: A printable worksheet to follow (plus the recorded exercises) to keep you on track.

Space is limited so sign up today to hold your place. Only $37!

Register here: BEST Stretches for a Better Golf Swing

See what one happy student said:
"I love golf! I will try anything to make my golf game better. I even tried boxing. Then I found Janine's Pilates. Oh! My! Stars! GOLF stars! Straight. Long. Towards the green. Thank you, Janine! Pilates makes EVERY thing better. I have better flexibility, better spinal rotation and a stronger core and I have my beautiful tee and fairway shots back."
Wendy Foley 

And after working with the Norwegian National Junior Golf Team, here is what their coach had to say:
"As the coach of the Norwegian College of Elite Sport I have had the privilege to use the competence of Janine Trudeau as a Pilates Teacher for 3 years when working with the golf players at the school. There is no question in my mind that Janine has contributed to the fact that we have had top international players representing the school the last few years. The correlation between progress in playing golf and the progress of the physical attributes such as core strength, balance and flexibility is striking. By working with Janine and using her expertise in the area the players are now more aware and conscious in their practice. They are also more fit and built for golf. I can strongly recommend Janine Trudeau if you want your athletes to perform better!!" 
Christer Bengtsson, Director of Sports, Golf - Norwegian College of Elite Sport

Pilates for Golfers - Take Your Game (and your body) to Another Level! 

If you are a Golfer, Pilates is the perfect low impact, strength and mobility training program for you.
Players who practice regular Pilates improve their hip and lower body power, increase their spinal and shoulder rotation and support their backs with deep core stability and strength. This translates to better balance. more speed, power, and length on the golf course, with less stress and strain on the body. 

If you would like one-on-one personalized training to meet your Golf Fitness goals,  email and lets get you started today!